The Return of the Hunters Chicken….

Good morning all…..

We are pleased to announce the return of our now Famous Hunters Chicken! From Monday!

We don’t know if we will be able to sustain this long-term, but we are going to give it ago.
We have had to cap the maximum at 6 per customer.

It’s been another busy week, with Exeter dominating this week.

We are still working on adding more products shortly.
Many Thanks

3 thoughts on “The Return of the Hunters Chicken….

    • Daniel Moore says:

      Hi Juliet,

      Thanks for your interest, we sold the Hunters Chicken for the last 10 days but the supply of ingredients is erratic. We are now able to offer Chicken Tikka, (for a while).
      Hunters Chicken will be back on a more permanent basis soon.

      Best Wishes

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