Coronavirus Service Update

Good Morning All,

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief post.

Let me first say how truly humbled I am by the kind words we have received, I pass all the feedback on to our amazing team, who are working tirelessly with unquestionable loyalty to us and our customers.
They are all AMAZING people!

It does sadden me to remind people abuse against our team will not be tolerated.
We will not be delivering to homes of people who abuse our team, they are trying their best at all times to help. 
Addresses will be blacklisted from our online store, removed from our Facebook page, & telephone numbers blocked from calling our office. 
Everyone is under pressure, I must stress, they’ll be NO second chances.

We are running a very core menu in order to be able to provide a continuous service we are only supplying a limited number of products on our menu, I am not happy to compromise on quality and whilst supply is still unreliable I’m not happy to commit to selling products and letting our valued customers down.
I’d like to point out the team has no control over my decision on this. It’s constantly under review and we will add more products as and when we can.
I know how much people are missing their pies and hunters’ pasties!

We have processed many, many orders as gifts to family, friends, businesses, healthcare services, It’s so lovely to be apart of such a supportive community. 
We are still working hard to maintain our delivery service, delivering to around 600 homes and shops per week.

This is by no mean feat, We are continuing to supply our wholesale customers so people that can get to local shops are able to still purchase fresh products.
As many of you know, we are a small local company we don’t have millions of pounds worth of software to route our vans in the most efficient way, We have 1 Guy, Google Maps, a computer & countless hours working on logistics, most days logistics are still being altered minutes before the vans leave, whilst they are on the tarmac loaded up ready to go.

Our website was very quickly altered by the amazing team at Vibrant Pulse Exmouth in order to serve you the best we can, this is constantly being worked on both in the user interface and behind the scenes, you’ll notice you are now able to select delivery days in the checkout. We are trying our best to honor these delivery days with 100% success rate since its implementation a few days ago.

We have this week released a brand new app that should make ordering easier, but most importantly we will be able to notify you of delivery days available. I’ll put the links below.

With all that said, this is obviously a challenging time for everyone, we have so far sustained our pricing & we continue to offer free delivery, but inline with the markets we will today be implementing a very small price increase, we have faced rising costs in, Flour, Fats, Potatoes, Meat & particularly in packaging, all key ingredients to what we need to make. Whilst we hope this price increase is temporary It is my aim to review it in 4 weeks’ time – unless we are able to review it sooner.

Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support, Small businesses won’t survive this without our communities, & we will do all we can to support you.

Take Care, Be Safe

Daniel Moore

P.S. Comments can be left below! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus Service Update

  1. Jason Simons says:

    You’re working so hard in these times to keep delicious pasties and other food available to buy. Irs very appreciated.

  2. Claire Precious says:

    You offer an amazing service and I’m surprised you’ve managed to avoid a price increase until now. You do so much to support the local community and I’m sure your customers understand and would happily pay a slight increase rather than see you no longer able to continue.
    Keep up the amazing work!!

    • Karen Bamsey says:

      Its perfectly understandable that price increases are necessary due to rising prices and availability of ingredients. Your products are widely renowned and very worthy of the prices. Thankyou for your great service and going the extra mile.

  3. Darrell Trigs says:

    I have been buying Moore’s products for the best part of 25 years now.
    Ever since I was old enough to walk to the shop on my own, I would always buy myself a delicious Moore’s Pasty or Sausage roll because they were affordable with my pocket money.
    Your prices have undoubtably been much cheaper than any comparable local products and the quality supersedes that of your competitors too.
    You do an amazing job of supplying shops and households, food fit for kings and his soldiers.
    I will, without doubt continue to support your business and any price increase due to inflation or selfish panic buyers driving up your product costs.
    Personally I have admired how you have managed to keep the prices so low for so long whilst other businesses increased their prices along time ago.
    keep up the good work Moore’s and thank you 25 years on for continuing to produce the same amazing products enjoyed by my family and my son who has recently started walking to your shop on his own to buy pasties with his pocket money. ❤️

  4. Juniper Connal says:

    In this crazy time the team at Moores have shown both compassion and resilience, they were one of the first businesses to offer small order home delivery to the most vulnerable people in our community. I’m amazed you’ve been able to hold prices with the extra time needed to deliver and issues just sourcing ingredients. I love your pasties and am a regular customer, nothing will change – but when things calm down please can I have some of your stunning sweet topped brownies lol

  5. Ollie says:

    Would just like to say what a fantastic job you are doing, Your product range will recover I’m sure. I really don’t think the price rise (in the case of the 6 pasties and 6 sausage rolls) of 5p an item is anything to concern people. The price was excellent value to start with, especially with delivery !! I will continue to place orders over the coming weeks, I really hope it will be logistically possibly for you to continue the home deliveries after all this ends. I find it despicable that you and your staff are receiving abuse, what is wrong with people, talk about first world problems .
    To you and all your team , take care and stay safe, my next order won’t be that far away.

  6. Lois says:

    Dan, you and your team are doing an amazing job. A small price increase during these difficult times is totally understandable and if it means your business survives I and everyone else will be delighted. Keep doing what you are doing and stay safe

  7. Claire says:

    Thank you Daniel & your team, your pasties & sausage rolls are always amazing & a price rise is very much reasonable.
    We really appreciate your delivery service, the delivery staff always polite & professional.
    This has really helped us during this difficult time.
    Keep up the good work, will be ordering again soon!

  8. Lesley Carr says:

    just had our first delivery of pasties and sausage rolls. They didn’t even make the freezer! Will definitely order again

  9. Aimée Bone says:

    Hey Moore’s Family, you know how much we all love you guys and the unbelievably delicious food you create. I have received an order on a few occasions now to my home in Portsmouth because I miss the pasties in particular so much!!! You have always gone above and beyond to help me bring a feeling and a taste of ‘home’ to my new home and I’m very grateful. Well done To you ALL for working so hard through this very strange time. Can’t wait for my next delivery soon. Take care – love to you all!!! Xx

  10. Jan says:

    Just recieved my second delivery of pasties , they are so fresh , I ordered some for delievery to my daughter & family they loved the pasties also the sausage rolls , Best pasties ever thank you Daniel & team your doing a great job !!!

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